Alcohol content: 49.9%
Highlands-Scotland single malt Whiskey
Collection: The Singleton’s Forgotten Drop
Cask: American oak
Flavor: Citrus, fresh fruit, slightly salty and cool
There are only 600 bottles worldwide

The 41-Year-Old Singleton Glen Ord is also a prestigious member of the collection "The Singleton’s Forgotten Drop". Over the past 4 decades of maturation in high-class oak barrels, The 41-year-old Singleton Glen Ord has become a masterpiece with diverse and deep flavors. Strongly bold in aroma and sweet in taste, each drop of emerald brings a sense of freshness and fullness. With only 600 bottles being launched worldwide, this version is properly bottled with the strength of the wooden barrel at 57.3% strength, highlighting the ultimate flavor, worthy of a long-awatied unique version for expensive whiskey collections.