Cigar Dagger



King Of All Kings Cigar Dagger

Bravery, strength and majesty are bestowed in equal measure in the latest addition to our collection. Presenting the King of all Kings Cigar nubber, decked from mane to tip in king-worthy detail. A crown of skulls sits atop his head, while below is a plethora of silver-and gunmetal toned accents. The central sphere features a black and hints of blue/green swirl agate natural gemstone. Take command of your stogie with the King of all Kings Cigar Dagger for a roaringly good smoke

if you like this design, check out his brother, King of the Jungle in our collection. 

Stainless Steel Pick | Long size of nearly 4 1/2 inches

The King of All Kings Cigar Dagger nubber comes with a protective end, velvet pouch .