Alcohol content: 40%
Country of origin: Guatemala
Zacapa rum

Crafted in Guatemala, Zacapa Rum is a work of art, and expresses patience, abundance, quality and exquisite mixing. Incubated in a perfect process in the Quetzaltenango plateau, 2,300m above sea level

Zacapa 23 is a premium rum instead of using molasses, Zacapa uses a material called "pure honey", obtained from the first pressing of cane sugar. The kegs used to brew Zacapa rum were previously used to make American whiskey and wine from Jerez and Pedro Ximénez. Zacapa's secret is the slow brewing process in the cold land of the Guatemala highlands, contributing to the slowdown process, creating a final balance between the aromas and flavors extracted during the process.
Appearance: Dark mahogany and viscosity
Nose: Caramel, vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, banana flavor covered with toffee, orange peel and fruit reminiscent of a cognac Taste: Strong apple / cognac flavor, oak, vanilla, dried fruit and a touch of cinnamon and ginger. A little smooth smoke, sugar with vanilla, coffee, honey with the most delicious, delicate hint of marzipan on the palate
Best enjoyed with ice